Are These the Best Fixed Blade Knives of 2024? Let’s Find Out!


The eternal debate between folding and fixed blade knives rages on in the world of cutlery. Folding knives offer portability and versatility, but fixed blade knives are renowned for their unmatched durability and reliability. In 2024, the market will brim with a plethora of exceptional fixed blade knives, making the task of selecting the best ones more challenging than ever. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 fixed blade knives, considering both the timeless classics and the newcomers, and understand why these blades have earned their place on the list.

Spyderco Bow River Fixed Blade:

The Spyderco Bow River is an evergreen favorite that never ceases to impress knife enthusiasts. Designed in collaboration with the esteemed knife-maker Phil Wilson, this versatile fixed blade is a true workhorse, ideal for a wide range of outdoor cutting tasks. It boasts a full-flat ground blade, an ergonomic G-10 handle, and comes complete with a high-quality leather sheath for secure belt carry. Its enduring reputation for reliability and its remarkable value for money make it a top choice for outdoor aficionados.

KA-BAR USMC Bowie Fixed Blade:

The KA-BAR USMC Bowie is a classic that has stood the test of time. Originally introduced in the 1940s, it marked a shift from the dagger-like trench knives to a more utilitarian design. This fixed blade bowie knife has made its mark as one of the most widely used knives in history. It boasts a 7.00″ 1095 Cro-Van clip point blade and a leather handle, making it a rugged and reliable choice for a multitude of tasks.

Example: Will B. praises the USMC Bowie for its sturdiness and reliability, emphasizing its suitability as a combat and survival knife.

CRKT Minimalist:

The CRKT Minimalist series continues to captivate users for its compact and functional design. Available in various blade styles, the Minimalist is perfect for everyday tasks. The Katana variant, featuring a compound ground with a trailing point, adds a versatile dimension to the series. With its affordability and diverse blade shapes, the Minimalist caters to a wide range of preferences.

Example: Kyle F. lauds the Minimalist for its grinds, shape, and handle fit, emphasizing its excellence and affordability.

Benchmade 202 Leuku:

The Benchmade Leuku, making its debut on the list, is a formidable knife that is anything but a newcomer in the world of cutlery. With a CPM 3V drop point blade and a super grippy handle, it offers exceptional toughness and wear resistance. What sets this knife apart is its ability to deliver top-tier performance without feeling like you’re lugging around a giant bowie knife. Benchmade’s expertise in knife design and choice of premium materials shine through in the Leuku.

Example: Chad L. highlights the sharpness, comfort, and grip of the Leuku, making it a remarkable choice for the price.

Morakniv Basic 511 | Morakniv Robust:

The Morakniv Basic 511 is the epitome of exceptional value in the world of fixed blade knives. For less than the cost of a date night at Chili’s, you can get a fixed blade that can stand up to rigorous tasks. This knife has been celebrated for its mind-blowing value, making it a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. The Morakniv Robust, a step up with rubberized handles, offers an extra layer of grip and durability. Both these knives are a testament to the unbelievable value Morakniv delivers.

Example: Liam G. emphasizes that Morakniv knives offer unparalleled value and robustness. They’re a favorite for both craftsmen and outdoor adventurers.

Cold Steel SRK:

The Cold Steel SRK, standing for Survival Rescue Knife, lives up to its name. Versatile and dependable, it’s a go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Featuring a strong clip point blade and a checkered Kray-Ex grip handle, this knife can endure extreme abuse. The SRK’s robust 3/16-inch thick blade configuration maintains sharpness without sacrificing durability. With its Secure-Ex sheath, it’s a reliable companion for everyday carry.

Example: Will G. shares his incredible experience with the SRK, praising its strength and dependability in various outdoor adventures.

Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade:

The Gerber StrongArm is a rugged and overbuilt fixed blade knife, designed to meet the demands of soldiers and outdoor enthusiasts. Boasting grippy rubberized handles, a full tang construction, and a striking pommel, it’s a powerhouse of a knife. If you’re looking for a knife that can withstand the harshest of conditions, the Gerber StrongArm should be your choice. It’s no surprise it’s a mainstay for the armed forces.

Example: Baldemar G. highlights the StrongArm’s strength, sharpness, and the well-thought-out sheath, making it his primary camping knife.

ESEE Izula:

The ESEE Izula is the perfect addition to your survival kit, hiking pack, or bugout bag. The high-vis Fire Ant Izula model, coated in 1095 steel, is synonymous with toughness, durability, and ease of field sharpening. When you opt for an ESEE knife, you’re not just buying a tool; you’re investing in a network of survival training, spearheaded by Mike Perrin and Patrick Rollins. The Izula is not just a knife; it’s a testament to the real-world testing that ESEE blades undergo. With customization options like aftermarket scales and paracord wraps, it’s adaptable to your specific needs.

Example: Alexander K. expresses his satisfaction with the Izula’s sharpness, out-of-the-box brightness, and quality.

Buck 119:

The Buck 119 is a classic knife that has withstood the test of time, remaining a strong favorite for over fifty years. Known for its classic look and razor-sharp blade, it’s the go-to knife for those who appreciate a reliable and well-balanced tool. The clip point blade offers versatility for various tasks, and the Buck’s proprietary heat/cold/heat treatment process ensures a longer-lasting edge. It’s no wonder it’s a cherished gift, as Mikey Y. attests.

Example: Mikey Y. appreciates the Buck 119’s performance and aesthetics, making it a valuable addition to his outdoor adventures.

Tops Knives:

When it comes to Tops Knives, we face a delightful dilemma – there are just too many great fixed blades to choose from! Many soldiers, survivalists, and collectors prefer this USA-made brand. Scanning through the reviews, it’s evident that there’s no one specific Tops knife that reigns supreme. Instead, there’s a fixed blade for every purpose and every individual. But what’s consistent is the fact that Tops Knives are synonymous with quality and expertise. Whatever your usage, there’s a Tops knife for you.

Example: Jimi G. sums it up perfectly, stating that Tops Knives are incredible, with every blade exceeding expectations.


In the world of fixed blade knives, where diversity in design, functionality, and purpose is celebrated, these honorable mentions stand as a testament to the vast and varied landscape of cutlery. Whether you’re a soldier, an outdoor enthusiast, or a collector, you’re likely to find a knife that resonates with your unique needs and tastes. The top 10 knives may have their rightful place, but the honorable mentions also enrich the world of blades with their exceptional qualities and innovative designs. So, as we’ve explored these remarkable mentions, it’s evident that the world of fixed blade knives in 2024 is a treasure trove of options catering to a wide array of preferences.

With an abundance of exceptional blades crafted to the highest standards, you are guaranteed to discover your ideal knife within the vast offerings of BENCHMADE MICROTECH KNIFE. Let their artistry and innovation guide you toward the perfect knife to fulfill your needs.

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