Discover the unparalleled craftsmanship of Microtech Knives, where each blade is a masterpiece of functionality and form. With a legacy rooted in passion and skill, Microtech continues to push boundaries, blending ancient blade principles with cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional products. As a leading American knife manufacturing company, Microtech is renowned for its automatic knives, meticulously crafted in Vero Beach, Florida since 1994.

At Microtech, quality is paramount, with a commitment to tight machining tolerances, ensuring precision to within one thousandth of an inch (0.001″). Renowned for designing knives for the US Military, including the iconic HALO, UDT, SOCOM, and Currahee models, Microtech has earned its reputation for excellence.

While Microtech offers a diverse range of blades, from kitchen knives to balisong knives, it is best known for its tactical automatic knives. Armes Bastille proudly presents one of the largest selections and stocks of Microtech knives in France, offering premium quality at affordable prices. Explore our collection today and experience the pinnacle of knife craftsmanship. 🗡️✨

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