Explore an impressive selection of Out the Front knives, commonly known as OTF or switchblades. Whether it’s for law enforcement, military use, or collectors, we’ve got you covered. While OTF knives are crafted with precision for professionals, they also hold significant collector’s appeal, making them an exceptional addition to any knife enthusiast’s collection

Types of OTF Knives We Offer:

  • Single Action OTF Knives: These knives fire automatically but need to be retracted manually. They are perfect for those who prefer a straightforward, reliable blade.

  • Double Action OTF Knives: These knives can be deployed and retracted using a thumb slider or button on the handle, making them ideal for military personnel, law enforcement officials, and first responders who need a quick and reliable tool in emergency situations.

Legal and Practical: OTF knives have become more accessible in recent years, with 40 out of 50 states legalizing their use thanks to the efforts of knife rights groups. This makes them a practical choice for a wide range of users, from outdoor enthusiasts to tactical operators.

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