Experience the Timeless Mastery with Benchmade’s Iconic BM42 Balisong


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The Benchmade knife, originating from the Philippines, is steeped in rich cultural history. The traditional Filipino Benchmade knife, also known as balisong or butterfly knife, is one of the oldest weapons used in Kali, a renowned martial art and self-defense system. The Philippines, along with Malay and Polynesian cultures, has passed down the secrets of this lethal combat system for generations.

BENCHMADE, the company behind this iconic knife, has taken the traditional concept and infused it with cutting-edge technology. The BM42 Benchmade knife is a testament to their commitment to innovation. Unlike typical folding knives, this balisong knife offers a unique and sleek design. It eliminates the need for a sheath by conveniently folding in half, with the handle serving as both a protective sheath and a sturdy grip.

One-handed opening is made possible with the Benchmade knife, making it an improvement upon typical folding knives. The protruding handle provides added protection, preventing accidental slippage onto the blade. Crafted with precision and excellence, this knife features a 9.5cm imported 440C blade that boasts exceptional sharpness and durability. With a 57-58HRC hardness rating, it guarantees reliable performance in any situation.

The entire construction of the Benchmade knife showcases exceptional craftsmanship. The blade is made from high-quality 440C imported steel, while the handle is crafted from solid steel. The satin finish adds a touch of elegance to its overall appearance. Weighing only 150g, this knife is lightweight and easy to carry, making it an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and self-defense practitioners.

At our store, you can find an extensive collection of Benchmade knives, each with its unique features and design. The Benchmade JL13 Annihilator Balisong Knife combines outstanding craftsmanship with a sandblasted finish, available for $48.00. For training purposes, check out the Benchmade C-34 Training Balisong Knife, priced at $30.00.

In addition, we offer the Twist Benchmade Knife with a gun titanium plating, priced at $40.00, and the Benchmade C38 Ripple Steel Balisong Knife, featuring a wave pattern, available for $65.00. The Benchmade THEONE Gradual Purple Titanium Handle Training Balisong Knife, priced at $558.00, offers a unique, eye-catching design.

For those seeking the ultimate blend of style and functionality, our store recommends the classic Benchmade BM62 Titanium Alloy Balisong Knife in three different colors, priced at $338.00. We also have the Benchmade JL-A03B Tactical Balisong Knife, perfect for combat situations, priced at $45.00. Lastly, the Benchmade Theone BM43 Blue Lagoon Mirror Balisong Knife, priced at $158.00, is a stunning collector’s piece.

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Experience the Timeless Mastery with Benchmade’s Iconic BM42 Balisong
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