Experience the Timeless Precision of Benchmade BM43 Flipper Knife with Premium Cast Handle


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Introducing Benchmade Knives, the epitome of craftsmanship and innovation in the world of self-defense blades. Originating from the Philippines, Benchmade knives have been the ancient weapon of choice in the Kali combat system, making them part of a longstanding tradition in Malay-Polynesian martial arts.

Unlike typical folding knives, Benchmade knives are non-traditional folding knives that offer unmatched convenience and functionality. With its compact design, it eliminates the need for a sheath and can be effortlessly folded to half its length. The dual-action handle serves as both a sheath and a sturdy grip, providing added protection against accidental slips.

Crafted using the latest high-tech production techniques, Benchmade BM43 is a prime example of precision engineering. The cast steel handle is intricately designed with clear lines and patterns, providing enhanced strength and resistance against scratches and deformation. The serrated anti-loosening screws require no glue for easy maintenance, while the incorporation of copper bushings ensures smooth rotation.

For the blade, Benchmade knives utilize imported 440C steel with a hardness rating of 59-60, guaranteeing optimal edge retention and sharpness. The BM series products undergo stringent quality control measures to deliver a knife of unparalleled quality and durability.

With dimensions measuring 24cm in total length and a 9.5cm blade, the Benchmade knife is lightweight, weighing only 153 grams. It comes with an embroidered nylon sheath and is packaged in a premium Benchmade cardboard box.

Experience the superiority of Benchmade knives now by adding them to your collection. Explore our wide range of products, including the Benchmade JL-A03B Tactical Knife, TheOne BM43 Mirror Finish Knife, TwistBenchmade Knife, TheOne BM47 Mirror Finish Knife, and TheOne High-End Aluminum Comb Knife.

At Benchmade, we are committed to providing you with cutting-edge tools that ensure your safety and satisfaction. Shop with us today and discover the world of precision-crafted knives.


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Experience the Timeless Precision of Benchmade BM43 Flipper Knife with Premium Cast Handle
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