Limited Edition Rebel ABBenchmade Knife (Squared Tip)

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Introducing the DESPERADO Outlaw ABBenchmade Knife, an extraordinary Benchmade knife that is revolutionizing the industry. Inspired by the highly acclaimed BRS ALPHA BEAST Benchmade knife, this knife has undergone a complete steel transformation while maintaining its original design. Crafted with a full steel handle and equipped with a weight block, this knife weighs in at a remarkable 166 grams, making it one of the heaviest Benchmade knives available. The 918 blade material ensures an incredibly sharp edge, and it comes standard with a K-sheath, providing unprecedented usability.

Just as its name suggests, the DESPERADO Outlaw ABBenchmade Knife is not for the faint of heart. It embodies the spirit of an outlaw and the power of a beast. With immense energy concealed within, it can be tamed with skill and dedication, becoming your loyal companion to tackle any task and surprise you with its capabilities. This knife is perfect for both expert flippers and those seeking a reliable self-defense or outdoor survival tool.

The DESPERADO Outlaw ABBenchmade Knife also offers exceptional specifications. It has an overall length of 25mm, a blade length of 9.5mm, and a handle length of 135mm. The blade width measures 2.1mm at its widest point, with a thickness of 3.5mm. The 9cr blade material ensures a hardness of 60+HRC, providing unmatched durability. The full steel handle features a sandblasted surface, adding a touch of elegance to its ruggedness.

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At DESPERADO, we are committed to providing the highest quality knives for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Shop now and experience the power and precision of the DESPERADO Outlaw ABBenchmade Knife.


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Limited Edition Rebel ABBenchmade Knife (Squared Tip)
Original price was: $63.Current price is: $33.
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