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New Product Launch Microtech – Mini Twist Trigon “Jagdkommando” is the name of the elite team of Austrian armed special operations, and this microtechnology piece fully lives up to the same name as the elite team.
This unique micro technical Jagdkommando is milled from a single piece of 440 stainless steel! This straight blade has three sharp edges with the same twisted curvature and is concentrated at the tip to form a tapered tip.
The grooves between the edges have weight-reducing holes and allow for perfect integration of the blade as a whole. The blade is finished with a green coating to enhance rust resistance and allow for greater concealment in the bush.
Get a head start. The hollow handle has a waffle pattern, which gives the user a good grip even with gloves. The end of the handle has a threaded end cap that can be screwed on to keep important documents in it.
The entire body of the blade is treated with a process that increases the rust resistance of the blade and makes it more concealable.
To accommodate the blade, a special aluminum 6061-T6 sheath was developed to cover the blade. The sheath is threaded and screwed into the blade, and a waterproof coil on the shank allows the sheath to protect the blade.
The hollow handle can be used to store survival equipment, rescue parachute rope, and fishing line. The surface of the sheath also has a waffle pattern.

Overall length: 190mm Flesh length: 106mm Handle length: 75mm
Flesh width: 14mm Blade material: 440A Handle material: Aluminum Sheath: Aluminum Weight: 150g


Black, Silver


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Microtech – Mini twist trigon
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