The Ultimate Tactical Knife – theone BRSBenchmade Swing Blade in Vibrant Green Handle


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Introducing the BRS Series, a cutting-edge bushing shaft system with a titanium liner and a lightweight G10 handle, weighing only 150 grams. This high-performance knife offers an incredibly smooth rotation and is equipped with a D2 blade material for unparalleled precision. The CNC precision grinding ensures a total length of 254mm, a blade length of 114mm, and a cutting-edge length of 107mm. With a blade thickness of 3.5mm, the D2 material guarantees exceptional durability and longevity.

The BRS Series also features a practice handle measuring 140mm in length and 14mm in thickness, enhancing user control and comfort. The handle itself is made of G-10 material, renowned for its high strength and durability. As a bonus, the vibrant green color adds a touch of boldness to the overall design. Additionally, the handle is internally lined with titanium, offering additional strength and stability.

At a mere 150 grams, this knife is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts seeking lightweight gear without compromising on cutting performance. The BRS Series is meticulously designed to optimize functionality while providing a visually appealing and striking appearance. Additionally, our product is carefully engineered with SEO optimization in mind, ensuring that your search queries will easily find this exceptional cutting tool.

Invest in the BRS Series with its outstanding product features and remarkable design. Push your limits and explore confidently with the BRS Series, the ultimate choice for adventurers seeking both functionality and style.


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The Ultimate Tactical Knife – theone BRSBenchmade Swing Blade in Vibrant Green Handle
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