Theone BM40: Enhance Your Knife Skills with the Striking Blue Mirror Training Benchmade


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Introducing TheoneBM40 Emerald Eyeglass Blade Benchmade Flip Knife, one of the classic styles from Benchmade. This knife is crafted with a sleek one-piece handle and features a high-grade 440C steel blade that undergoes precision machining and a mirror-polishing process. The screws and locks are meticulously calibrated, ensuring a razor-sharp edge and utmost durability.

TheoneBM40 stands out with its unique design, reflecting the exceptional heritage of Theone. With a total length of 24CM when opened and a blade length of 9.5CM, this knife offers superb versatility. The blade thickness measures 0.3CM, providing optimal balance and strength. Made from top-of-the-line 440C material, it boasts a hardness of 58, guaranteeing long-lasting performance in any situation.

Weighing only 150 grams, TheoneBM40 is incredibly lightweight, making it effortless to carry and handle. Its advanced nylon knife sheath offers reliable protection and easy access. The knife handle features an intricately crafted hollow design, adding a touch of sophistication and style. Thanks to the built-in spring mechanism, the blade smoothly shoots out with just enough force, ensuring quick and convenient usage.

Whether you’re a professional outdoorsman, an adventurer, or simply someone looking for a reliable and stylish tool, TheoneBM40 is a top-notch choice. Its impeccable craftsmanship, premium materials, and outstanding performance make it the ultimate companion for any cutting or slicing task. Experience the unparalleled excellence of Theone’s bloodline with this extraordinary knife.


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Theone BM40: Enhance Your Knife Skills with the Striking Blue Mirror Training Benchmade
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