Unleash Your Inner Ninja with the Legendary Benchmade BM42S Balisong Knife (Half-Serrated Blade) and Precision Cast Handle


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Introducing Benchmade Knives, the epitome of craftsmanship and heritage. Originating from the Philippines, Benchmade knives are the embodiment of the ancient art of self-defense known as balisong. This martial art, native to the Malay Archipelago, is considered one of the deadliest combat systems in the world. Benchmade knives are not your typical folding knives found in pockets; they are a remarkable innovation in design and functionality.

Unlike traditional folding knives, Benchmade knives eliminate the need for a sheath. With its unique ability to fold in half, it becomes compact and convenient for storage. The handle serves a dual purpose, acting as both a sheath and a solid grip when rotated into position. This improvement allows for one-handed operation, making it incredibly versatile in any situation. The raised handle also acts as a safeguard, preventing accidental slips onto the blade.

Created using the latest high-tech manufacturing techniques, Benchmade’s BM series knives are a fusion of precision engineering and superior materials. The precision-cast steel handle, such as the BM42S, boasts intricate details and clear lines. The hardened steel ensures durability, preventing scratches and deformation. The spine of the knife features a serrated screw designed to prevent loosening and requires no glue for maintenance. The addition of stainless steel washers allows for smooth rotation of the blade. Speaking of the blade, it is crafted with imported 440C steel, guaranteeing a hardness of 59-60, ensuring both sharpness and durability. Benchmade knives are the epitome of quality and reliability.

With a full length of 24CM when opened, a blade length of 9.5CM, and a thickness of 0.3CM, these knives are the perfect companion for everyday carry. Each Benchmade knife comes with a stylish embroidered nylon sheath and is packaged in a premium box, adding a touch of luxury to your collection.

Experience the power and beauty of Benchmade knives. Add them to your collection today and discover the world of precision, craftsmanship, and heritage. Shop now to enjoy the timeless elegance and functionality offered by Benchmade.


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Unleash Your Inner Ninja with the Legendary Benchmade BM42S Balisong Knife (Half-Serrated Blade) and Precision Cast Handle
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