What Makes the Paragon Warlock Gravity Knife a Must-Have for Knife Enthusiasts?

Introduction: Gravity Knife

Are you a knife enthusiast looking to add something unique and practical to your collection? The Paragon Warlock gravity knife might just be what you’ve been searching for. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the intriguing story of the Warlock and explore what makes it a standout knife in the world of cutlery. We’ll also touch on its innovative design, the history behind its creation, and how it has evolved into an award-winning masterpiece.

The Paragon Warlock Knife – An Introduction

The Paragon Warlock, a gravity knife produced by Asheville Steel, is part of a trio known as “the Trinity of Gravity.” Its companions are the Phoenix and the Dreddlock, each with its unique features. However, the Warlock stands out as the first of its kind and has earned a special place in the hearts of knife enthusiasts.

The Warlock is a gravity knife, which means it deploys its double-edged blade with the force of gravity or a flick of the wrist. The unique mechanism involves two oversized pivot buttons on its sides, which, when depressed, open the clamshell handle and release the blade. Once the blade is fully open, releasing the buttons securely locks it in place. This design allows for a safe, double-edged folding blade and a closed-off handle, making it legal to carry in most U.S. states (but always check your local laws).

Design and Practicality

The Warlock isn’t just a gimmick; it’s a practical tool that also provides endless entertainment for knife enthusiasts. The opening mechanism, while fun to play with, serves a real purpose by keeping the blade secure and easily accessible.

One of the standout features of the Warlock is its exceptional blade-to-handle ratio. The handle’s narrow end doubles as a kubaton, a self-defense tool, making it a versatile addition to your EDC (Everyday Carry) gear. This knife is built to withstand tough environments and deliver top-notch performance, which is why it’s proudly manufactured in the USA.

The Origin of the Warlock Mechanism

The Warlock’s unique design has an intriguing origin story. It all began with Jeffrey Mitchell, an employee at Paragon Cutlery Company, who, inspired by the tactical knives of his time, set out to create a practical folding knife with a double-edged blade. His prototypes featured a clamshell design to house the blade completely and prevent dirt and dust from entering the mechanism, and this design later became known as the Mitchell Lock.

However, these prototypes were overlooked and forgotten amidst the struggles of the Paragon Cutlery Company. It wasn’t until 2006 when Robert Anderson, known as Robb, purchased the company and started Asheville Steel, that the Warlock’s journey truly began.

Robb stumbled upon Jeff’s prototypes and found himself unable to legally produce a knife using the patented mechanism. Still, he was determined to see his Trinity of Gravity come to life. In an unexpected turn of events, a YouTube video featuring the Warlock went viral, catching Jeff’s attention and leading to a collaboration that would change the knife industry.

The Rise of Paragon Knives

In 2015, the Warlock and its companions were finally released and quickly became a hit. Asheville Steel, always seeking to improve its products, found a valuable partner in Dylan Davis, owner of Hypercut Manufacturing. This collaboration led to the next generation of gravity knives, with the Krazor being a prime example of their refined designs and improved reliability.


The Paragon Warlock is more than just a knife; it’s a testament to hard work, dedication, and a dream. With its rich history, troubled past, and inspiring story, it has evolved into a reliable cutting tool that’s as entertaining as it is practical. Whether you’re an EDC enthusiast or a tactical user, the Paragon Warlock deserves a spot in your collection. Its innovative design and the journey it has taken make it a must-have for any knife enthusiast.

In summary, the Paragon Warlock Gravity Knife is a unique and practical addition to any knife collection. Its innovative design, intriguing origin story, and evolution into an award-winning masterpiece set it apart from the rest. Whether you’re a seasoned knife enthusiast or new to the hobby, the Warlock’s blend of practicality and entertainment make it a valuable addition to your EDC gear. If you’re a knife enthusiast looking for a blend of innovation and performance, the Paragon Warlock is a must-have for your collection.

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